Fee and Aidan: Garden: 2 July 2021

Fee’s garden throne and day bed. And our new path which we are unnecessarily excited about. I mean it’s only a path, right! I’m forever out there sweeping it. I’d polish it if I could!!!
Paved patio area – featuring jasmine, petunias, evening primrose, oxalis, fuchsias, polemonium (almost over…)
A bed devoted almost exclusively to Salvia “hot lips”
A “living fence” idea using felt planters which easily attach to woodwork…
In front of the “salvia bed”, I have planted petunias and some taller plants which are in bud but not yet in flower – heliosomething (tall with yellow “faux sunflower” flowers and Agapanthus)
This bed is crammed with sweet pea, cornflower, convolvulus, california poppy, oxalis and calendula. However this part of the garden is quite shaded and the garden faces east in any event. Therefore things are always a bit slow to take off in this particular bed (will be very colourful in August!).
Another view of the border in front of the paved patio area
A detail of some petunias because … colour an’ t’ing. Oh and I’ve captured a little bit of the path in the shot. Have I mentioned the path. Oooooh – path!
A detail showing two different jasmine plants (common or garden white variety and a yellower variety called “Clotted Cream”) growing through each other. With some perennial sweet pea muscling in on the action! The smell from the jasmine is a bit overpowering in the evening and in the morning…
An idea I picked up from a book which I bought when Fee and I visited The Garden Museum (yes, there is such a thing – and how dare you suggest that we’re not very rock’n’roll) in Lambeth last summer. Take a wooden pallet. Paint it if you wish. (I wished!) Cover the back and sides with horticultural fabric. (An excuse for me to buy a new toy – an upholsterer’s staple gun. Hours of fun. I’ll staple anything now, me!) Fill with compost. (Bags and bags of the stuff!) Then plant it up to create a mini living wall. Quite effective, I think. I’ve CRAMMED it with lobelia, petunias and nasturtiums. Quite shady where it lives, so it’s a little slow at producing colour just yet. In a few weeks it will get a wiggle on…
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