Mandolin players’ favourite sets

We all have favourite sets. The ones we instinctively turn to playing when we’re sat at home with the mandolin in our hands. Or when we’re given the nod in a session to kick off a few tunes… Sets that we’ve learned from other musicians – from recordings or from sessions. Sets that we’ve put together ourselves… These are some favourite sets submitted by both myself and other mandolin players from around the world. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from them…


Submitted bySets
Aidan CrosseyThe Humours of Glendart/Pay The Reckoning

The Nightcap/The Frost Is All Over

The Nightingale/Junior Crehan’s (The Luathradain)

The Rakes Of Kildare (Major Version)/The Rakes Of Kildare (Minor Version)

An Paistin Fionn/Sport

An Rogaire Dubh/Na Ceannabhain Bhana

Condon’s Frolics/The Eavesdropper


Submitted bySets
Aidan CrosseyThe Sunny Banks/The Mils Are Grinding

The Glass Of Beer/The Flowers Of Red Hill/The Monaghan Twig

The Wedding Reel/Miss Monaghan/The Monaghan Twig

Sailing Into Walpole’s Marsh/The Boys Of The Lough

Jim Donoghue’s/Lafferty’s

The Green Fields Of Rosbeigh/The Green Mountain

The Fairy Reel/The Old Torn Petticoat

The Duke Of Leinster/The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife/Tommy Peoples’

The Humours Of Ballyconnell/Swinging On A Gate

The Corner House/Jenny’s Wedding


Submitted bySets
Aidan CrosseyThe Harp And Shamrock/The Tailor’s Twist

The Stack Of Barley/The Showman’s Fancy


Submitted bySets
Michael GregoryDan Jeremiah’s/Paudy Scully’s/The Game Cock


Submitted bySets
Aidan CrosseyFarewell To Whiskey/Number 5

Leather Away The Wattle-O/The Lakes Of Sligo


Submitted bySets
Aidan CrosseyPearl O’Shaughnessy’s Number 1/Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s Number 2 (barndances)

The Dances At Kinvara/The Hills Of Tara (barndances)
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