The Irish Mandolin

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About this site – a little bit of background

Learn some tunes – a learning resource. An index in alphabetical order will take you to mandolin tablature and sound files of “session classics” and “rarer” tunes played on mandolin. Links, where available, to further information on “”…

Original tunes written and played by Aidan Crossey – a few of my own compositions

An A to Z of Irish Traditional Music – a series of collaborations with fellow trad obsessives, highlighting the rich diversity of Irish Traditional music and song

Traditional tunes played by Aidan Crossey – tune sets and single tunes, mainly drawn from the Irish tradition

The G&O #34 – a unique and very special mandolin. A few words about a mandolin, hand-built and generously gifted to me by Michael Gregory

Notable players of the Irish mandolin – noteworthy players of the mandolin (including Jill McAuley, Dan Beimborn, Marla Fibish) play some exquisite sets of music, some tracks specially recorded for this site!

Mildew Lisa – my “lo-fi cybertrad” project. Download a full track for free, listen to samples and buy “Electric Nyah, Volume 1”.

Mandolin players’ favourite sets – some suggestions of sets in various tune categories to inspire your playing

Recommended listening – links to YouTube videos of inspirational Irish music and songs – with a focus on mandolin and a separate listing for music/songs played on other instruments

Random thoughts… – musings on music, life, anything, everything as and when the mood takes me

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