Mildew Lisa

“Lo-Fi Cybertrad”

Mildew Lisa is a musical alter-ego of Aidan Crossey, perhaps best-known for his website “The Irish Mandolin” and its associated YouTube channel.  Via these, Aidan pursues his mission of providing resources to mandolin players, enabling them to immerse themselves – as he has done – in Irish traditional music.

The lo-fi cybertrad on this album is a far cry from the acoustic mandolin tunes which Aidan has been playing for many years.  In summer 2021, Aidan found himself away from home without an instrument to hand and learned the rudiments of making music electronically a means of filling the gap.  Out of those early excursions into the world of electronic music-making, Mildew Lisa was born.  This is the first of a planned series of lo-fi cybertrad recordings.  If you like, please keep in touch with Mildew Lisa on Twitter (@MildewLisa) and bookmark this page for updates…

FREE TRACK – Listen/Download. So what’s this “lo-fi cybertrad”? Click here to listen to or to download a free full track, “Farewell To Ireland/The High Reel”. And if you like what you hear, please read on to buy the album “Electric Nyah, Volume 1”.

Electric Nyah, Volume 1 is available to buy now. 12 tracks in total.

  1. A Tune For Fee (Aidan Crossey) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  2. Paddy Fahey’s No. 14/The Look-See Reel (Paddy Fahey/Aidan Crossey) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  3. Glassdrummond/The Centenary March (Josephine Keegan/Trad.) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  4. The Duke Of Leinster/The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife/Tommy Peoples’ (Trad.) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  5. Farewell To The Bay (Aidan Crossey) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  6. Miss Benson’s Fancy/The Meelick Team Jig (Aidan Crossey/Eddie Kelly) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  7. One Tree Hill/The Lilies Of The Field (Aidan Crossey/Trad.) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  8. Mimi And The New Generation (Eoin Duignan) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  9. The Banshee/The Woman Of The House (Trad.) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  10. The Lakes Of Sligo/Sord Colmcille (Trad.) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  11. Benedict’s Rambles/The Girls Of Hackney (Aidan Crossey) SAMPLE 30 second clip
  12. Carolan’s Concerto (Turlough O’Carolan) SAMPLE 30 second clip

The album is available in mp3 format. After checking out through the dialogue below, you will receive an email with a link to the files in a Google drive which you can then download to your own computer.

Electric Nyah, Volume 1

12 tracks of lo-fi cybertrad by Mildew Lisa, a musical alter-ego of Aidan Crossey. After purchase please allow 48 hours for delivery by email to the address associated with your PayPal account.


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