Playlist C, part 2 – in collaboration with Caitriona Lagan

1 August 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist C, part 2 on YouTube here.

This playlist is brought to you in collaboration with Caitriona Lagan from Castledawson, County Derry, an exciting young talent on the Irish trad scene. Caitriona is adept on a number of instruments – banjo, mandolin, octave mandola, fiddle, guitar. However it’s fair to say that her prowess on banjo is what has brought her most attention. And deservedly so. Still in her teens, Caitriona has already been recognised as not just a player but a stylist.

To find out more about Caitriona’s playing, visit her YouTube channel to listen to some some fine solo playing alongside some sparkling duets. You can find her channel here

Many thanks, Caitriona, for taking the time to share some great music with me! Much appreciated. Let’s check the playlist out…

C is for CHERISH THE LADIES. Caitriona says: This was one of the first bands I saw in concert and I learnt lots of tunes from them. Cherish The Ladies – The Boat to Bofin/The View Across The Valley/Martin Ainsboro’s

C is for COLM GANNON, JESSE SMITH & JOHN BLAKE Aidan says: One of my favourite albums is Colm Gannon, Jesse Smith’s and John Blake’s “The Ewe With The Crooked Horn”. And this is a great example of their playing. Colm Gannon, Jesse Smith & John Blake – The Mouse In The Cupboard/The Lark On The Strand

C is for COOLEY’S REEL. Caitriona says: My daddy loved listening to Barney McKenna and The Dubliners. This got me interested in learning the banjo. (Aidan adds – Caitriona has chosen a clip of Barney playing a selection of tunes live. And then we have Caitriona playing one of Barney’s signature tunes, and a great session favourite, Cooley’s.)  Barney McKenna – banjo selection live; Caitriona Lagan – Cooley’s Reel

C is for EAMONN COYNE. Aidan says: One of my favourite banjo players is Eamonn Coyne, here playing with Guido Plüscke (bodharan) and Ekhart Topp (guitar) at the 2019 Banjoy Festival in Felsberg-Gensungen in Germany Eamonn Coyne – reels

C is for CAITRIONA LAGAN. Caitriona says: During lockdown, one of the BBC journalists noticed my videos and wanted to interview me. I ended up getting into BBC News. This got me great publicity and I became more well known.   Caitriona Lagan – Item from BBC Northern Ireland news

C is for CHULRUA Aidan says: This jig set really appeals to me. Unhurried, restrained, letting the tune breathe. Chulrua – The Kerfunten/Gallant Tipperary

C is for Cathal Hayden. Caitriona says: Cathal Hayden, playing a great set of tunes!    Cathal Hayden and Tommy O’Sullivan – The Donegal Lass/The Coolea Jig/The Floating Crowbar/The Gladstone

C is for THE CUCKOO’S NEST Aidan says: Brian Kelly is without a doubt one of the most exciting banjo players I have come across. From his debut album, he’s backed on this set of hornpipes by the late Paddy Gallagher on guitar. Just thrilling! Brian Kelly and Paddy Gallagher – The Cuckoo’s Nest/The Japanese Hornpipe

C is for THE CAMERONIAN Caitriona says: Another fantastic banjo player! Enda Scahill – The Cameronian 

C is for CLAREEN. Aidan says: Clareen banjos don’t just make and sell banjos and other musical instruments. I have a great deal of respect for the way in which they encourage talented musicians, giving them an opportunity to present their music to a wide audience of trad aficionados. I was blown away by this young lad’s playing (and by his mischievous wee grins). What a mighty talent in one so young. Like Caitriona, he has a bright future in the music ahead of him. Darragh Carey-Kennedy – My Darling Asleep and The Star Of Munster

It only remains for me to thank Caitriona for the time and the effort she has taken to share her passion for the music. It is very much appreciated, Caitriona, and I wish you well in all of your endeavours. Go raibh maith agat!

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