Playlist D (part 2)

28 June 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist D part 2 on YouTube here.

John Dickinson joins Aidan Crossey to help create another of our collaborative playlists of Irish traditional music.

John was one of the first people to get in touch with me regularly when I created this website and its complementary YouTube channel. A fellow GDAEnhusiast, John and I have exchanged numerous messages back and forth over the past few months and I always look forward with pleasure to hearing from him.

D is for FINBAR DWYER. John says: I love Liz Knowles, her choice of tunes and particularly the way she plays. To my ear she doesn’t come across as a ‘performer’ like some accomplished players who often seem to show off how good they are. Liz’s playing is more natural and relaxed and is complimentary to the tune and the instrument. There is some cracking music on her website ( and you can sign up to receive her monthly newsletter which is a fascinating and thought-provoking read. Here she plays two of Finbar Dwyer’s reels in a set along with O’Shaughnessy’s Reel. Liz Knowles – Finbar Dwyer’s Fancy/Ríl Uí Sheachnasaigh/Finbar Dwyer’s

D is for DRINK. Aidan says: There are many songs in the Irish tradition (well, let’s face it, EVERY tradition) which celebrate drink and drinking. This is one of the cleverest! Tom Lenihan – Paddy’s Panacea

D is for DOCTOR O’NEILL’S. John says: Doctor O’Neill’s is a long time favourite and one that I always thought of as a good session tune, however it is rarely heard / recorded as far as I can see. I came across this recording whilst searching for Siveen Mandolins videos when I was thinking of buying one and this was the clincher. Stevie Dunne – Doctor O’Neill’s/The Lark On The Strand

D is for DE DANNAN. Aidan says: Does anything need to be said at all about De Dannan? Just sit back and listen… De Dannan – The Cameronian Reel/The Doon Reel

D is for DANÚ. John says: I have a few Danu albums and this is one of my favourite tracks and one that I love to play.  Danú – The Stone In The Field/The Walls Of Liscarroll

D is for DERVISH. Aidan says: Few bands have the sheer drive and power of Sligo’s finest. Dervish – The Angry Peeler/The Wheels Of The World/Bill Harte’s

D is for DONEGAL. John says: My grandmother Dorothy was from Donegal stock (yet another double ‘D’) and this tune always reminds me of her. It is nicely played on this one by Javier Chifre on Bouzouki and Guitar. Javier Chifre – The Donegal Lass/The Black Frog

D is for DRAMA. Aidan says: Brendan Ring injects a real sense of danger into his playing. So fast and furious. Can he make it to the end without crashing and burning? (Spoiler alert – yes, he can!) Brendan RIng – Madame Bonaparte

D is for THE DRUNKEN SAILOR. John says: I’m a big fan of the hornpipe and this one, although quite complex (for me at least) is a lovely tune that sticks in the head and I find this rendition very appealing in its relaxed pace. Presumably Colin Botts felt the same during the performance judging by his laid-back, almost horizontal playing position. Colin Botts and Alan Colfer – The Drunken Sailor

D is for DEW. Aidan says: Dew as in The May Morning Dew. Darren O’Mahony picked a track by Kane O’Rourke as one of his selections in the first of the “D” playlists. This is very much in a similar vein; Kane combining his grá for the tunes with a touch of techno. Kane O’Rourke – The May Morning Dew

Many thanks to John Dickinson for his suggestions. Some very lovely music in there, John!

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