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29 June 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist F on YouTube here.

Dan Forney joins Aidan Crossey to help create another of our collaborative playlists of Irish traditional music.

Dan and I have been in regular contact for around a year now. A fellow mandolin enthusiast (and a player of numerous other stringed instruments), Dan is drawn to Irish traditional music and regularly publishes videos of his music at his YouTube channel. Please pay him a visit here.

F is for A FIG FOR A KISS. The first of Dan’s selections is a slip jig played by the idol of many a mandolinist, Fredéric Bourgeois. Frédéric’s YouTube channel (see here) is a source of inspiration, education and, above all, some mighty playing! Frédéric Bourgeois – A Fig For A Kiss

F is for FLOOK. Aidan says: Susan McKeown’s gorgeous version of “The Wee Birds Have All Come And Gone” (aka “The Verdant Braes Of Screen”) is made even more so by the playing of Flook who weave their version of the slip jig, The Fisherman’s Jig (also known as The Fisherman’s Lilt) through and around it. Susan McKeown and Flook – The Wee Birds Have All Come And Gone

F is for FAREWELL TO CHERNOBYL. Dan says: We play this one in our little Irish band paired with Tam Lin. Really good together. Mac-Talla Tutoring – Farewell To Chernobyl

F is for FIONA KELLEHER. Aidan says: Fiona Kelleher’s voice is the essence of purity and grace. Fiona Kelleher – I Will Put My Ship In Order

F is for FERGAL SCAHILL. Dan’s next pick is Father Kelly’s played by fiddler Fergal Scahill (3 “F”s in one!). DUring 2019 the irrepressible Scahill set out to record a tune a day and post them to his YouTube channel.  Fergal Scahill – Father Kelly’s

F is for LOST AND FOUND. Aidan says: Sometimes (in fact, quite often) I hear a tune which is new to me and I simply *have to* learn it. When I first heard Paddy Keenan play The Lost And Found (here played alongside The Hag At The Churn and The Wind Of The Lake ) I was immediately searching out my mandolin to see if I could get it under my fingers. Paddy Keenan – The Lost And Found/The Hag At The Churn/The Wind Of The Lake

F is for SHANE FARRELL. Dan’s next selection is a well-known reel “George White’s Favourite” played exquisitely by Shane Farrell. Shane’s YouTube channel (see here) features scores of tunes played on banjo and – more occasionally – mandolin. Simply GDAExcellent! Shane Farrell – George White’s Favourite

F is for THE NEW FOUND OUT. Aidan says: What a blinding set of reels. Gorgeous melodies, beautifully and tightly played. Mick, Louise and Michelle Mulcahy – The New Found Out/The Drunken Landlady/The Thrush In The Storm

F is for THE FLOWERS OF EDINBURGH. Dan’s final selection is a fine solo rendition of the Scottish reel (which is quite popular in Ireland, to boot), The Flowers Of Edinburgh. Mike Alexander – The Flowers Of Edinburgh

F is for FRANKIE GAVIN. Aidan says: Frankie Gavin’s album of 1986 with Paul Brock (box) and Charlie Lennon (piano) – “Ómós do Joe Cooley” – is an absolute classic, chock-a-block with tunes which would make your heart sing. I’ll leave you with this lovely set of reels. Frankie Gavin, Paul Brock and Charlie Lennon – Lafferty’s/My Love Is In America

Many thanks to Dan Forney for his suggestions. Much appreciated, Dan. Keep those strings humming!

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