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11 July 2021

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Pete Strickler joins Aidan Crossey to help create another of our collaborative playlists of Irish traditional music.

Pete is a banjo and mandolin player in Denver, Colorado.  Pete was one of the founders of Portal Irish Music Week, a 5 day immersion camp that happens in Arizona in October.  He serves as the Music Director and occasional Camp Director for the camp.  Pete has released two albums, Giotár, an album of primarily tenor guitar and guitar, in 2016.  And Some Assembly Required, featuring collaborations with many other musicians, in 2019.

P is for POOR BUT HAPPY AT 53. Pete says: One of my favorite tracks from my first album, which finishes with the great tune by Paidi Ban O’Broin, a flute player and dancer from Dublin, who died in 1994. Pete Strickler & Charlie Branch – Kevin’s Dream/Richie Dwyer’s/Poor But Happy At 53

P is for PAUL DOOLEY. Aidan says: The first time I heard Paul Dooley’s playing I was mesmerised by the the power and tunefulness of his music. Dooley is one of the leading exponents of the Irish harp in its historical form and style – using a metal-strung harp, playing with the fingernails and damping unwanted string resonance with the fingertips. Paul Dooley – Port An Deoiri/An Phis Fluich

P is for PROVIDENCE. Pete says: Three of my favourite tunes played ‘divinely’. Providence – Dooney Rock/The Fly In The Porter/Hardiman’s Fancy

P is for PEADAR O’LOUGHLIN AND RONAN BROWNE. Aidan says: Peadar O’Loughlin (flute/fiddle) and Ronan Browne (pipes) made three albums together – The South West Wind, Touch Me If You Dare and The Legacy – which are masterclasses in intergenerational duetting. Peadar O’Loughlin & Ronan Browne – The Old Bush/Rakish Paddy/My Love Is In America

P is for PRECISION. Pete says: Cathal Hayden and Seamie O’Dowd show us very precise playing when performing live.   Cathal Hayden and Seamie O’Dowd – Gortvale Rock

P is for POLKAS. Aidan says: I often find myself drawn to polkas – both the Sliabh Luachra variety and the “Northern” variety… The next selection features Seamus Creagh (fiddle) and Jackie Daly (box) playing two polkas which are among those most often-played in sessions. But it never ceases to amaze me how players at the very top of the game can breathe new life and vim into tunes. Seamus Creagh & Jackie Daly – Bill Sullivan’s/The Britches Full Of Stitches

P is for LUKE PLUMB. Pete says: One of the best musical minds I’m fortunate enough to call a good friend.  Luke Plumb – The Beauty Spot/Sporting Nell

P is for PADRAIGIN NI UALLACHAIN. Aidan says: Padraigin’s album “An Dealg Oir” remains one of my most often-played CDs and this, the opening track, Ealaigh Liom is the epitome of her cool, restrained and quite simply beautiful singing. Padraigin Ni Uallachain – Ealaigh Liom

P is for PIPES. Pete says: Calum Stewart plays a track that reminds me of exactly what first attracted me to Irish Traditional Music. Calum Stewart – The Seven Men Of Glen Moriston Set

P is for PADDY IN THE SMOKE. Aidan says: The album Paddy In The Smoke, recorded in The Old Favourite pub in North London back in the 1960s is an absolute classic – complete with background hubbub of people chatting and cash registers pinging. And some of the finest music you’re ever likely to hear. If Calum Stewart’s set above is a reminder of why Pete was first attracted to Irish Traditional Music, then this album serves as reminder to me of what first drew me to the tunes. Martin Byrnes – Maudabawn Chapel/Lafferty’s

P is for PADDY FAHEY. Pete says: One of the most interesting composers in Irish traditional music.  His tunes add a lot of flavor to anyone’s repertoire. Paddy Fahey, Liz Kane, Yvonne Kane – reels

P Is for PLANXTY. Aidan says: We couldn’t leave A “P” playlist without a nod to Planxty. As well as highlighting the group’s talent for interplay and counter-melody, this set of reels shows off Liam Og’s playing to a “t” – or should that be to a “p”? :-). Planxty – The Lady On The Island/The Gatehouse Maid/The Virginia/Callaghan’s

Many thanks to Pete for suggesting some truly inspiring selections for this playlist. I think we may have “overrun” slightly but that’s always the way; when the crack is mighty, why up sticks too early? Hopefully neither Pete nor I outstayed our welcome…

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