Playlist T, part 11 – “Top Ten”, Peter Corfield

28 July 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist T, part 11 on YouTube here.

The eleventh in a series of the ten most popular videos on a number of YouTube channels to which I subscribe and which I visit regularly to listen to some great music which the channelmeisters have put together, some of it not available elsewhere. The selections are presented in ascending order of popularity, showing the number of views at the day the playlist was created.

Peter Corfield (627videos as of today). Peter Corfield’s YouTube channel reminds me of one of those antique shops piled to the rafters with rare and intriguing artefacts. Too much to take in at one visit, repeated visits unearth more and more absolute gems. See

I’ve picked out the ten most popular videos from the channel which, hopefully, give you a flavour of the treasures on offer. But nothing beats a proper rummage in your own time, so bookmark the link above and dig deep when you have a moment or two!

10. Sharon Shannon & Natalie McMaster – Reels (112,539 views)

9. Frankie Gavin & Damien Mullane – Shaskeen/Honeymoon Reel (117,254 views)

8. John Spillane – All The Ways You Wander (121,889 views)

7. Lunasa – Boy in the Boat Set (141,852 views)

6. Pauline Scanlon, Donagh Hennessy, Damien Mullane and Dessie Kelleher – Feach An Mhadra Rua (143,051  views)

5. Mairtin O’Connor, Seamie O’Dowd, Cathal Hayden, Jim Higgins – Trip to Inishturk, Cregg’s Pipes  (149,536 views views)

4. Damien Mullane – Emma’s Waltz/Mayor Harrison’s Fedora (150,587 views)

3. Lunasa – Billy First’s Jig/The Burning Snowball/Road To The Reel (151,209 views)

2. Brian Finnegan – The Road to Errogie Set (154,447 views)

1. Seamus O Mongain, Fiachna O Mongain, Marie McHugh & Kevin Corbett – Boyne Hunt/Toss The Feathers/Last Night’s Fun (215,253 views)

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