Playlist T, part 3 – “Top Ten”, Martin Donohoe

21 July 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist T, part 3 on YouTube here.

The third in a series of the ten most popular videos on a number of YouTube channels to which I subscribe and which I visit regularly to listen to some great music which the channelmeisters have put together, some of it not available elsewhere. The selections are presented in ascending order of popularity, showing the number of views at the day the playlist was created.

Martin Donohoe is a highly-regarded box player from County Cavan and a man who works ceaselessly to promote Irish music and Irish musicians. His YouTube channel frequently features players who are probably best-described as the unsung heroes of the tradition (as well as many who are, er, “sung heroes”! 🙂 ).

Martin’s YouTube channel can be found here. It’s well worth bookmarking!

10. Thomas Quinn, Chris Maguire and Brian McGrath – Phyllis’ Birthday (23,667 views)

9. Emma Corbett – Reels (24,660 views)

8. Darren Breslin – The Holly Bush/The Trip To Manila (24,825 views)

7. Cathal Hayden – The Donegal Lass/The Coolea (Cuil Aodha) Jig/The Floating Crowbar/Gladstone’s (36,691 views)

6. Colm Slattery – Reels (49,383 views)

5. Darren Breslin – The Derry Hornpipe/Reels (52,276 views)

4. Colm Slattery – Jigs (56,275 views)

3. Vinny Murphy – Reels (60,716 views)

2. Colm Slattery and Emma Corbett – melodeon duet (102,679 views)

1. John McCann and Gerry McMahon – Hornpipes and Reels (153,067 views)

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