Playlist T, part 5 – “Top Ten”, Fergal Scahill

23 July 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist T, part 5 on YouTube here.

The fifth in a series of the ten most popular videos on a number of YouTube channels to which I subscribe and which I visit regularly to listen to some great music which the channelmeisters have put together, some of it not available elsewhere. The selections are presented in ascending order of popularity, showing the number of views at the day the playlist was created.

Fergal Scahill (547 videos as of today) hosts videos of his own playing, often with guest musicians plus bands that he – or his brother Enda – play with. His “tune a day” series is rightly very popular among traditional musicians.

Fergal’s YouTube channel can be found here. It’s well worth bookmarking!

10. Fergal Scahill and buskers in Galway – Jim Donoghue’s (26,940 views)

9. Fergal Scahill and Gerry O’Connor – The Killavil Jig (33,189 views)

8. Fergal Scahill and David Howley – The Boys Of Malin (35,644 views)

7. Fergal Scahill and David Howley – Johnny O’Leary’s Jig (38,195 views)

6. Fergal Scahill and David Howley – The Reconciliation Reel (39,746 views)

5. We Banjo 3 Live on WMSE Milwaukee (50,956 views)

4. Fergal Scahill – Maggie Pickie (51,930 views)

3. Fergal Scahill, Garry O’Meara and Conal Early – The Bucks Of Oranmore (52,157 views)

2. Fergal Scahill and a cast of hundreds – The Foxhunter (60,497 views)

1. Fergal Scahill and Emma O’Sullivan – The New Mown Meadow (337,442 views)

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