Playlist T, part 6 – “Top Ten”, Gael Linn

24 July 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist T, part 6 on YouTube here.

The sixh in a series of the ten most popular videos on a number of YouTube channels to which I subscribe and which I visit regularly to listen to some great music which the channelmeisters have put together, some of it not available elsewhere. The selections are presented in ascending order of popularity, showing the number of views at the day the playlist was created.

Gael Linn (262 videos as of today) was founded in 1953 as a national organisation whose principal aim is to foster and promote the Irish language and its heritage as a living language and as an expression of identity at policy and at community level. Gael Linn operates on an all-island basis, with offices in Dublin and Armagh.

Gael Linn’s YouTube channel can be found here. There is some remarkable music to be found among its videos!

10. Iontas – Siansa Gael Linn 2014 – An Chéad Áit (12,211 views)

9. Siansa 2019 – ‘Léargas’, Co. Thiobraid Árann – An Dara hÁit (12,294 views)

8. Siansa 2016 Círéib, Coláistí Eoin & Íosagáin: An Chéad Áit (12,447 views)

7. Siansa Gael Linn 2017 – Fiúntas, Co Laois – An Dara hÁit (13,384 views)

6. Siansa 2018: SPLEODAR, ‘Tradacad’, Inis Ceithleann, Co. Fhear Manach – An Chéad Áit (14,698 views)

5. Crua – Siansa Gael Linn 2011 – An Tríú hÁit (15,206 views)

4. Cóiriú – Siansa Gael Linn 2014 – An Tríú hÁit (15,826 views)

3. Na Fataí Fánacha – An Dara hÁit (24,066 views)

2. Teaspach – Siansa Gael Linn 2012 – An Chéad Áit (35,153 views)

1. Lig Saor Í / “Let Her Go as Gaeilge” le Coláiste Gael Linn Riocaird Bairéid, Eachléim (56,241 views)

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