Playlist T – “Top Ten”, Douglas Hadden

21 July 2021

If you don’t wish to read through the notes below, you can go straight to playlist T on YouTube here.

The first in a series of the ten most popular videos on a number of YouTube channels to which I subscribe and which I visit regularly to listen to some great music which the channelmeisters have put together, some of it not available elsewhere. The selections are presented in ascending order of popularity, showing the number of views at the day the playlist was created.

Douglas Hadden runs a very popular YouTube channel which features a wealth of tremendous music from Scotland and Ireland, mainly – but far from exclusively – focusing on music on flute and whistle. His channel can be found here

10. Relativity – The Hut On Staffin Island/Sandy MacLeod Of Garafad/The Soft Horse (55,022 views)

9. The Chieftains and James Galway – The Butterfly (59,954 views)

8. The Chieftains – Se Fath Mo Bhuartha/The Connemara Stocking/The Limestone Rock/Dan Breen’s (71,172 views)

7. Michael Marra – Ae Fond Kiss (71,872 views)

6. Christy Moore – John O’ Dreams (82,190 views)

5. The Chieftains and James Galway – The Roscommon Reel/Toss The Feathers (84,421 views)

4. Matt Molloy – The Parting Of Friends/Lomanach Cross (Sean McGuire’s)/Gorman’s/Mrs. Crehan’s (109,900 views)

3. De Danaan – The Rights Of Man/The Pride Of Petravore (123,128 views)

2. The Chieftains – O’Sullivan’s March (128,728 views)

1. The Chieftains – Morgan Magan/Mabel Kelly/Planxty Johnson (199,666 views)

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