The Irish Mandolin Tunebook, Volume 2

Table of contents

The Abbey Reel (Reel)6
An Rogaire Dubh (Jig)7
The Ashplant (Reel)8
The Bag Of Spuds (Reel)9
The Barren Rocks Of Aden (Polka)10
Barrow Banks (Hornpipe)11
The Blackbird (D Maj) (Hornpipe)12
The Blackbird (D Mix) (Hornpipe)13
The Boys Of The Lough (Reel)14
The Cameronian (Reel)15
Connie Walsh’s (Slide)16
Corney Is Coming (Reel)17
Dick Sands’ (Hornpipe)18
The Donegal Reel (Reel)19
The Duke Of Leinster (Reel)20
The Duke Of Leinster’s Wife (Reel)21
The Eagle’s Whistle (3 / 4 March)22
The Fisherman’s Lilt (Slip Jig)23
The Glenbeigh Hornpipe (Barndance)24
The High Reel (Reel)25
James Gannon’s (Barndance)26
Jazzing With Mag Leary (Slide)27
The Jig Of The Dead (Jig)28
The Knotted Cord (Reel)29
Lafferty’s (Reel)30
The Lass On The Strand (Hornpipe)31
Lucy Farr’s (Barndance)32
Mac’s Fancy (Jig)33
Mrs Kenny’s (Barndance)34
The Pigeon On The Gate (Reel)35
The Plains Of Boyle (Hornpipe)36
The Pretty Girls Of Mayo (Reel)37
Rolling In The Ryegrass (Reel)38
Saddle The Pony (Jig)39
The Scholar (Reel)40
The Spirits Of Wine (Reel)41
Spórt (Jig)42
Stenson’s Number 2 (Reel)43
Teampall An Ghleanntáin (reel)44
The Templehouse (Reel)45
Tom Ward’s Downfall (Reel)46
The Torn Jacket (Reel)47
Toss The Feathers – D Mixolydian (Reel)48
Toss The Feathers – E Dorian (Reel)49
Tune For Fee (Slow Hornpipe)50
The Walls Of Liscarrol (Jig)51
We’ll Drink Good Health (Hornpipe)52
The White Cockade (March)53
Willie Clancy’s Secret Jig (Jig)54
Young Tom Ennis (Jig)55
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