The Irish Mandolin Tunebook, Volume 3

Table of contents

Ace And Deuce Of Pipering (set dance)6
After The Battle Of Aughrim (march)7
The Ballroom Favourite (barndance)8
The Barnacle (mazurka)9
The Belfast March (march)10
The Bluebell Polka (barndance)11
The Boys Of Belfast (march)12
The Boys Of Wexford (march)13
Brian Boru’s March (march)14
Carolan’s Concerto (harp tune in 4/4)15
The Centenary March (march)17
Flower Among Them All (3/4 tune)18
The German Beau (set dance)19
Green Grow The Rushes-O (fling)20
The Halting March (march)21
Hector The Hero (funeral tune)22
Herb Reid’s (Newfoundland single)23
Hunting The Squirrel (march)24
If There Weren’t Any Women In The World (barndance)25
Jimmy Duffy’s No. 1 (barndance)26
Johnny, Will You Marry Me? (fling)27
Kelly, The Boy From Killane (march)28
Kitty O’Neill’s (barndance)29
The Long Haul (mazurka)30
Maguire’s Kick (march)31
The Maids Of Mitchelstown (slow reel)32
Memories Of Father Angus MacDonnell (march)33
Michael Coleman’s (barndance)34
The Minstrel Boy (march)35
The Munster Cloak (march)36
O’Donnell Abú (march)37
O’Neill’s March (march)38
O’Sullivan’s March (march)39
Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s No. 1 (barndance)40
Pearl O’Shaughnessy’s No. 2 (barndance)41
The Piper In The Meadow Straying (set dance)42
Planxty George Brabazon (planxty)43
Planxty Hewlett (planxty)44
The Pride Of Petravore (barndance)45
The Return From Fingal (march)46
Saint Patrick’s Day (set dance)47
Shoe The Donkey (mazurka)49
The Song Of The Chanter (march)50
Sonny’s Mazurka (mazurka)51
St. John’s Mazurka (mazurka)52
The Three Sea Captains (set dance)53
Tommy Peoples’ Mazurka (mazurka)54
The Trip Over The Mountain (waltz)55
Vincent Campbell’s Mazurka (mazurka)56
The Winter Night Schottische (barndance)57
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