The Irish Mandolin Tunebook, Volume 4

Table of contents

Arthur John Donnelly (Jig)5
Beef To The Heel (Jig)6
Benedict’s Rambles (Jig)7
Cardiac Hill (Jig)8
Dan Molloy’s (Reel)9
Dan Molloy’s (Jig)10
Farewell To The Bay (Waltz)11
The Hovering Dewdrop (Reel)12
The Humours Of Lewisham(Hornpipe)13
The Innocents’ Jig (Jig)14
Joe Crilly’s Jig (Jig)15
The Kindness Of Strangers(Mazurka)16
McQuillan’s Hill (Barndance)17
Miss Benson’s Fancy (Jig)18
The Moonbeam (Hornpipe)19
One Tree Hill (Reel)20
The Perils Of Wisdom (Barndance)21
The Seven Derries (Hornpipe)22
The Top Of The Tree (Reel)23
A Tune For Fee (Slow Hornpipe)24
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